Tuesday, May 16, 2006
The Brown Bunny

I don't know how to describe this movie, nor making a review about this...this piece of film. Just like a piece of art, sometimes people understands it or not. Sometimes people like it, or hate it. Me? I have no clue whatsoever. This is the first time I stumped.

Bud Clay (Vincent Gallo) is a motorcycle racer who loses a race on the East Coast. He decided to drives his van to California to meet his ex-girlfriend, Daisy (Chloë Sevigny). Directed by Vincent Gallo.

To tell y'all the truth, this movie is so...sad. Not in crying or tear-jerkers kinda way, or makes people wanna kill themselves afterwards and such...no. But in a sense that this is a rare and brutal truth about how loneliness and denials can make someone to take a journey; call it a rite of passage in one's life, to understand better the purpose of life. We may never understand it, we may never gonna get it, but somehow...we may feel it. I cannot discuss this film in terms of liking or disliking it, because those feelings just do not even apply. I was left haunted by the film's ability to bring me into its world of despair, regret, and loneliness. At first, when I watched this movie, I was ready to give my worst kind of review about this film.

My God, how boring the lenght of the movie is! Hardly any dialogues whatsoever -- and don't make start about the famous blowjob in this film. It's a real stimulate fellatio, I shit you not. Imagine my surprise when the film entangles itself and reveals everything in the end. The ending is shocking, I was completely in dazed. Those bad reviews I already formed in my mind, suddenly just jumbles up. Vincent Gallo allows himself to be defenseless and unprotected in front of the camera, and that is a strength. He's a lonely, inward, needy man, who thinks much about a former lover has come to embody idealized, inaccessible love. There is a kind of communication going on in this film that is heartbreaking, and needs not one word of explanation, and gets none. It reveal on a level more complex. Truthfully, I don't want you to watch it. It's boring, yet it's attracting. You decide.

Ratings: 5/10

Posted at 01:15 am by hanitje

May 18, 2006   09:04 PM PDT
gue mulai sedih2 pas Bud ketemu sama cewek lagi duduk trus dia langsung tau kalo dia ksepian...langsung meluk dia gitu. hueee...!
bung badu
May 18, 2006   07:37 PM PDT

HoneyBee said: gue uda ganti ratingnya. soalnya abis nonton lagi. wakks, nangis gue. hihihi. sialan lu.

yup, apalagi wkt fellatio itu, si Bud Clay (hehe, namanya "Bud" juga) dengan intonasi yg tak terlupakan dan mengiris-iris hati gw: "You won't ever fuck any other guys, right?"

trus begitu selesai, dia berbalik ke tepi tempat tidur trus nangis sambil membelakangi chloe. plus kelebatan2 adegan hand-held yg merobek-robek perasaan.. oh man, itu adalah salah satu scene paling sialan menyentuh sepanjang sejarah gw nonton... damn, it's like the feeling of fellatio itself.

May 18, 2006   06:09 PM PDT
gue jiplak dari roger ebert, soalnya itu perasaan gue waktu nonton film ini. ini film bikin gue LONELY banget feelingnya. sori about the low review, krn gue juga msti mikirin yg laen2 ttg film kaya' cinematography, pacing, lightning, dll. itu aja. sounds difficult, yeah. but in time, this rating can change.
May 18, 2006   01:09 PM PDT
2.5/10? wow!
I love Brown Bunnies! Vincent Gallo emang gelo! (bhs Sunda: "gelo" artinya "gila"). tepat banget rasanya dia milih Chloe Sevigny, matanya yg sendu/melankolik/innocent/tapi misterius pas banget utk perannya di Brown Bunnies. gw selalu suka akting dia, sejak di film pertamanya, KIDS (1995), di mana perannya juga sial amat...

suka ama kalimat di review elo "...cannot discuss this film in terms of liking or disliking it, because those feelings just do not even apply. I was left haunted by the film's ability to bring me into its world of despair, regret, and loneliness..." hmm, sounds familiar. gw ngeliat di mana ya?

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