Monday, May 22, 2006
The Da Vinci Code

I've been tempted to watch this movie, because of the surrounding hype. I finally watched it with my friends. I have read the book, and it was time to watch the film. The question which would linger; how controversial is this movie? The answer is...hardly controversial at all, in my humble opinion.

A curator named Jacques Sauniere (Jean-Pierre Marielle) is murdered inside the Louvre museum in Paris by an albino monk named Silas (Paul Bethany). He left some cryptic messages for Dr. Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks) and his grand-daughter, Sofie Neveu (Audrey Tautou) which lead them to Leonardo Da Vinci's works. They are being chased by the secret society of Opus Dei, whose leader Bishop Aringrarosa (Alfred Molina) and a French Police named Captain Fache (Jean Reno) wants whatever secret is there to be hidden forever. They need an expert to solve the Da Vinci Code, and seek help from Sir Leigh Teabing (Sir Ian McKellen). Their discovery of religious mystery could shake the foundations of Christianity. Directed by Ron Howard.

While the movie is different from the book, this is still an entertaining murder mystery that requires an open mind and a will to receive a plethora of background information that will be revealed throughout the lengthy movie. Anyone expecting an accurate description of the book will be disappointed, even though some of the differences are actually pretty minor. This film seems frays away from shocking and controversy in order to avoid criticsm. The point is, this movie is FICTION -- don't take it as a real deal, although it really makes me think and ponder about the accuracy depicted in this movie. In some point, I guess it makes sense from what I read and watch about this storyline. I remember when Dogma first came, everyone was so shocked, they blasted the movie. I thought the movie was funny. Same with this movie, I think the movie is pretty entertaining. Just be open-minded about it, and consider it as a pure thriller fiction which loaded with sorts of hooey and Indiana Jones-Tomb Raider-National Treasure nonsense.

That being said, I think the weakest part of the movie is the pacing. I deemed it was too long and dragging, with so many confusing dialogue and flashbacks from the characters, instead from the main storylines. It's unnecessary, and I prefer if they just get on with it! My friend was dozed off a couple of times, and everytime she woke up, she asked me what happened and I had to explained to her what was going on, heheh. The first chapter is built up too slow with too much dialogue and pointless trivia, until the second chapter where everything becomes more juicy. I'm not a big fan of Tom Hanks, but in this film, he looks young and handsome! Maybe because of the hair, or he just lost a weight. But I have to say that the acting is mediocre, especially between the main characters. They are boring, the dialogue is boring between them, and I didn't feel their chemistry at all. Maybe if the characters were played by different actors, it might feel different also. Overall; risky, but not risky enough. Decent, but not decent enough. I encourage everyone to at least take the ride, and keep an open mind.

Ratings: 6/10

Posted at 02:14 am by hanitje

May 30, 2006   12:32 AM PDT
ya, makasi uda mampir. sering2 aja. wah, kasian bgt ya penonton di indonesia. sensornya emang suka keterlaluan. dan emang kadang2 penerjemah text bioskop 21 suka ngaco! lulusan SD apah?!? tapi ya sutlah, beras uda jadi nasi... ga bsa diulang lagi. hehehe...
May 29, 2006   11:02 PM PDT
neng honey...saya pendatang baru disini, tapi asik juga baca resensinya terutama TDVC. saya juga penggemar TDVC yang agak kecewa dengan filmnya (biasa kalee ya kalau buku lebih oke dari filmnya).
di Indonesia, kebetulan masalah utamanya bukanlah pada terjemahan yang dodol lumutan, tapi karena memang pada bagian2 yang cukup sensi alias berbau SARA menyara, sengaja tidak translated. misalnya spt kata2 "So, Do you think Jesus is not a God?" - "Not even close to His nephew" itu nggak diterjemahkan dan penonton kanan kiri saya pada protes. lha wong baca bukunya belum pernah dan bahasa inggris juga cuma tau no smoking doang, ya memang agak merepotkan jadinya.
after all, emang chemistry antar pemainnya kurang asoy jadinya filmnya juga kurang menggigit, meski akting2 pemainnya mah tidak diragukan lagi reputasinya. selain itu...hmm, ya boleh lah!
asal Dan Brown's Angel And Demon kalau difilmkan nggak pakai Tom Hanks lagi aja. keren tapi nggak cihuyy
May 25, 2006   06:40 PM PDT
begitulah kalo bikin filem dari buku. ga smuanya bsa puas. kadang2 emang susah buku jadi filem. cuman yg gue agak2 kecewa sih aktingnya pd datar smua.
May 25, 2006   08:27 AM PDT
setuju berats dengan resensimu ini, Hon!

di awal terasa sangat bertele-tele, dan, karena aku mengharapkan filmnya sama kayak bukunya, ya, kecewalah dirikuhhh...

mungkin ini problem pembuat film yang ceritanya based on the book atau novel, sama seperti Harpot. sebetulnya bisa lebih baik, and, yes, ada yang kurang aja di film ini.
May 22, 2006   11:03 AM PDT
kasian juga ya yg nonton di 21 indonesia. itulah makanya gue paling kesel nonton di bioskop indonesia. tolong dehh penerjemahnya yg efisien. gue bukannya sok taw, tapi kita uda bayar mahal2, baca text yg ga bener dari penerjemah yg dodol baru lulus SMP kalee. ttg film ini, okelah lumayan. cukup menarik. tapi ga trlalu mnarik buat gue. ada yg kurang ajah, bsa lbh baek sbenernya.
May 22, 2006   03:38 AM PDT
kalo g bilang filmnya sih mayan ya tapi bagi yg udah baca bukunya mungkin rada ngerti alur ceritanya trus emang endingnya beberapa ada yg beda ama di buku tapi tipis banget deh,trus buat orang yg nonton di indonesia apalagi yg biasa nya nonton selalu liat teks terjemahan rada bingung deh pastinya.jadi saran g buat yg nonton di indonesia belajar lah mendengar bahasa inggrisnya soalnya teksnya banyak ngga nongol kayak dvd bajakan aje hehehhe itu sih saran g yg bikin jengkel lagi g dateng udah pagi2 ke 21 tetep aja duduk dapet di depan tuh soalnya gara2 isunya film itu mau di tarik dari bioskop pada nonton deh manusia sejuta umat ,kalo g bilang tom hanks maennya biasa aje kayaknya kalo si robert langdon nya yg maen harison ford kayaknya lebih oke deh ...itu seh pendapat g tau deh yang laen

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