Saturday, May 27, 2006

Very heartfelt and emotional. This is the reason why human being craving intimacy. Someone to belong with. Someone to be close with. Someone to feel with. Feelings and needs, whether it is physical or emotional. Sometimes, all people need is companionship. This is a surprisingly compelling film.

Jay (Mark Rylance) is a pub manager in London. Every Wednesday, a woman comes to his flat and have wordless sex with him without string attached nor relationship. One day Jay follows her and finds out everything about her life, that her name is Claire (Kerry Fox). Somewhere along the line, he is falling in love with her and try to pursue her. He is trying to build a relationship, which eventually disrupts the routine.

The full impact of this movie is about the non-existent relationship between the main characters, which I can feel that they actually craving for a relationship. Both of them are lonely people, even when they are surrounded by their jobs, their family, and friends. They need something to get out from the reality of their everyday life, and escape to something else which leads them to the supposedly emotionless sex. But apparently they gain something, which is the emotion itself. This is a movie about loneliness, about the precarious encounter of shattered lives. They need those anonymous meetings not as a source of physical pleasure, but as an expression of distress and frustration. That's why the sex scenes are powerful enough, to make me realize how much these characters need each other. Yes, the sex scenes are graphic and explicit. But I don't mind at all, infact it really emphasize the whole storyline.

I am so surprised to found out that I really like this movie. It really strike me that this is the reality that people are facing nowadays, that sometimes we need somekind of intimacy to feel. The acting from these actors are genuinely raw and real, sometimes I feel that they are not acting at all. Kerry Fox and Mark Rylance are brilliant, but the most memorable performance is from Timothy Spall as Andy, who must deal with betrayal and pain resignation. Memorable line is coming from Ian (Phillipe Calvario): "You know when you're with someone there's only a very short time when you can really give each other things for free... with neither of you having to ask. Because later on all you do is make demands of each other. Perhaps the only difference between her and all the rest is that she's asking you for nothing." This is not a film for everyone. To those who are prudent sometimes can view this as a pornography manner, which I say to them, just stay away if you are uneasy with gratituous sex.

Ratings: 8/10

Posted at 05:48 pm by hanitje

May 28, 2006   10:30 PM PDT
kadang2, loe ga perlu interpreter buat ngerti ttg perasaan, trutama waktu nonton filem ini. rasanya kta ngerti bgt ttg kepedihan orang2 dalam brcinta...Cieh! Taela, gile kok gue ngomsnya puitis geneh.
May 28, 2006   09:15 PM PDT
Lucky you! Gue belum nonton film ini. Tapi gue justru punya bukunya, Intimacy and Other Stories by Hanif Kureishi. Covernya pake gambar adegan yang sama dengan poster film yang elo pasang di blog ini. Di pengantarnya, Hanif Kureishi nulis Introduction: Filming Intimacy. Dia bercerita gimana awalnya film ini dibuat. Patrice Chéreau (sutradaranya, orang Prancis) pertama kali membaca cerpen2 Hanif yang sudah diterjemahkan ke bahasa Prancis, dan tertarik memfilmkannya. So he arranged to come and see Hanif Kureishi in London. Patrice said he was shy, because he didn't speak good English. Hanif's French is hopeless, too. But they thought it seemed better to meet without an interpreter. Whether or not you want to spend a lot of time and energy working with someone you barely know is something. You can realise only intuitively.

Menurut gue bukunya bagus, page turning banget, dan baca review elo bikin gue makin penasaran ama filmnya!

Btw, iya sih, kebayang gue juga mirip2 Last Tango in Paris. The comparison seemed unfair, but it's inevitable.

May 28, 2006   04:07 PM PDT
not really. it has same difference. tapi trgantung viewernya ya.

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