Sunday, June 11, 2006
The Omen: 666

What is this; a month of movie remakes? The question is; does the movie delivers? By the way, I generally hardly watch horror movie. But I always considers this as a thriller, not horror anyway. Personally, I enjoyed this movie.

Robert Thorn (Liev Schrieber) is an USA Diplomat when his wife, Kathryn (Julia Stiles) delivered a stillborn. Father Spilleto (Giovanni Lombardo Radice) suggested that Robert adopted a baby boy who was born at the same day (6th of June), without telling his wife and raised him as his own. They named him, Damien (Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick). Years laters, disturbing events occurs and all seemingly to revolve around Damien. There's a new nanny and her name is Mrs. Baylock (Mia Farrow) who is creepy. A priest named Father Brennan (Pete Postlethwaite) warns Robert that Damien is actually the son of the devil. Robert and a photographer named Keith Jennings (David Thewlis) are investigating the mystery and to find a man named Bugehagen (Michael Gambon) that can answers the mystery of Damien.

I think the main reason for me to watch this movie is not because I liked the original movie, The Omen starring Gregory Peck and directed by Richard Donner, but because the new one is starring Liev Schrieber. God knows how much I adore the guy. He's a good actor, tall and handsome. He should be playing Harvey Dent in Batman Begins sequel. In this movie, he also delivers great acting and demands a leading spot. I'm glad I don't have to compare his acting chops with Gregory Peck, because of course both of them have different styles. Mia Farrow is so creepy. Not because of her acting, but because of her botox! She doesn't have wrinkles! She's weird! I cheered when she got killed! Julia Stiles is decent, but she is not beliveable as a mother. David Thewlis, surprisingly is cool in this movie, usually he played dorks. Michael Gambon only appeared a minute in this movie, what a waste. I never liked him anyway. But overall for the actors, only Liev Schrieber and David Thewlis performances I enjoyed.

As for the movie itself, I have to tell the truth that I prefer the original one. Yes, the new one is not bad. But still it lacks the ingredients that the original one had. The original one was creepy and gave me goosebumps, and it really hit the nerve with the religious theme. The new one is like watching a serial killer in a form of an annoying kid. The original one, I wanted to adopt the kid who played Damien because he was so cute and innocent. The new one, I just wanna pushed him over the edge or something. Other thing that lack is the music chorus. The movie seems want to be real, they hardly put any music in there. My final judgement of this movie is the movie is okay, but not good enough. Feel free to make sequels again, hell, I might watch it. At least it's not Psycho remakes, which was awful. There are only a few jump out scares, but it has a much tenser, more nail-biting pacing than the original. Whether a remake was needed at all is another debate, but considered on its own merits, I found the new Omen to be good, scary fun. I'd advise people to go in with an open mind - you might just like it...or not.

Ratings: 6.5/10

Posted at 04:49 am by hanitje

June 20, 2006   06:48 AM PDT
nice perspective

June 14, 2006   09:00 PM PDT
menurut gue, liev schrieber pantes banget jadi two-face di batman sequel. gue suka citizen kane yg klasik, gue blon liat dia meranin orson wells.
June 11, 2006   06:14 PM PDT
The original Omen ... one of my favorite.
June 11, 2006   02:56 PM PDT
trus dirilisnya tuh dipas-pasin tgl 6 Juni 2006, oke deh 666...

oya Han, menurut elo Liev Schrieber pantes jadi Two Face? kira-kira bagusan mana ntar dibanding Tommy Lee Jones di Batman Forever (1995)?

btw Liev Schrieber pernah meranin Orson Welles (one of my fave directors!) di film "RKO 281: The Battle Over Citizen Kane." (1999)

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