Friday, June 30, 2006
Superman Returns

This is my second attempt of making the review. The first review was accidently deleted. It really put me off last night, so here we go again. All I can say about this movie is fantastic. It's a bit sad, though, 'cause it brought so many nostalgia from the previous original movies. But if you're looking for a fast-paced action movie, I suggest you steer and fly away from this, 'cause this movie is all about drama.

Superman / Clark Kent (Brandon Routh) has been mysteriously absent from earth for five years. When he returns again, he is surprised to see everything has changed; Lois Lane (Kate Bosworth) is engaged with Richard White (James Marsden) -- who is Perry White's (Frank Langella) nephew -- and have a son named Jason (Tristan Lake Leabu). Apparently the world has changed while he was away, and the only people that glad to see him back are his mother, Martha Kent (Eva Marie Saint) and Jimmy Olsen (Sam Huntington). Meanwhile, Lex Luthor (Kevin Spacey) is planning to rule the world by using the Kryptonite Crystals, stolen from Superman's Fortress of Solitude. Directed by Bryan Singer.

I applaud the direction that Bryan Singer put here in this movie. Instead of mindless superhero action movie with no plot, he brought us the in-depth personality and character development of Superman, along with other characters. I was blown away by this film both visually and emotionally. Especially when the credit title was first shown, it looks like the original Superman movie, starring Christopher Reeve, with the Superman music composed by John Williams. This was a very different Superman experience than I was expecting. There has been a lot of differing opinions both good and bad concerning this movie, and there will be a different opinions. People either will like it or not. It depends on your taste. I would describe it as a human interest story about a troubled Superman searching for answers and trying to find his place. This is not campy or comical, it's charming and delightful. This movie is softer and more respective of how we are introduced to the feelings each character is struggling with. I was kind of taken back with a delighted sense of remembrance of when I first saw the original movie.

The action is not driving, wall to wall demonstrations put there to fill space with action for thrill junkies. The action and special effects are there to support and tell the story and belong. It is filled with exciting scenes and amazing special effects, but I liked the fact that the special effects and action are not the stars of the movie, but that Superman and the main characters are. Yes, I know some people won't like this kind of movie -- because they expect to see explosion and fights and so on. As far as the Superman himself, Brandon Routh gives a great acting and performance as this awkward man who seems misplaced in every way. Not to mention he's deathly handsome is a great bonus. Good job from everyone performance, I have no complain. Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor is a fun and cold calculated villain, and my hat offs for Parker Posey as Kitty Kowalsky, she's a delightful character. My only beef is one thing; what the hell is Kall Penn doing in this movie? Everytime he appears, I can't shake the image of him being Kumar from Harold and Kumar! He's not believable as a villain. Overall, I like this movie. But I won't recommend it to everyone. The movie is good, but favoritism wise, Batman Begins is better.

Ratings: 7/10

ETA: Just re-watched it after few years on DVD. It wasn't as good as when I first watched it. Of course I never say it was the greatest movie of all time, but at the time I had the sense of nostalgia when I watched the movie. It reminded so much with the original Superman movie. The music in particularly. I forgot that we evolve; in life, in movies, in special effects, and so on -- so I guess this movie DID deliver the nostalgia. But nostalgia alone is not enough. We live in an evolving world, where one is expected to DO better. So it seems this movie was doing backwards. I didn't like the whole Lex Luthor reduced into petty criminal like he was in the original movie, instead being the super villain. I didn't like the whole idea of Superman has a son. I didn't like the whole idea that Superman still in love with Lois like some kind of soap opera. This is not Smallville. I didn't like the whole idea of Superman being so naive. I think Superman needs to evolve; character wise and plot wise. I don't expect Superman to be dark, but I think we need characters that we can relate to.

Rating: 6/10

Posted at 01:19 pm by hanitje

February 27, 2007   12:58 AM PST
Yg jadi Superman-nya aslii guanteng bangets daahh.. tapii dr segi cerita rada boring aahh.. gua yg kaga punya ekspektasi apa2 aja rada kuciwa kelar nonton nih film :P
July 22, 2006   05:46 PM PDT
yang gue sadarin dari film ini, cowo tu pada ga seneng soalnya superman returns terlalu romantis drama. gue sbg cewe mungkin emang ngliatnya dari sisi itu. tapi emang ga bsa dibandingin sama batman begins banget. bryan singer sharusnya bsa bikin ni film lbh mnarik trhadap sgala gender, kaya waktu dia bikin X2 sama Usual Suspects.
July 22, 2006   03:02 PM PDT
kecewa berat ama film ini. tanggung. buat anak kecil kyknya kurang pas, tapi buat orang dewasa juga kurang berat. konfliknya terlalu sederhana. nanggung, deh...
tapi mungkin gue emang salah karena datang nonton dengan ekspektasi Bryan Singer bakal menggarapnya dengan sentuhan ala The Usual Suspect... apalagi ada Kevin Spacey. ternyata oh ternyata... tapi ya udah lah. tetep aja wajib tonton. *asal jgn berharap bakal sefilosofis Batman Begins* yeah yeah yeah...
July 17, 2006   05:11 PM PDT
gue dah nonton 3 kali.. tapi tetep gabisa menaikkan rating gue... 6.5/10 lah
July 5, 2006   08:57 PM PDT
yup, ini film emang bagus, tapi film drama sih. cowo2 biasanya ga suka, tapi kalo cewek biasanya seneng. hehehe...
July 4, 2006   01:21 PM PDT
aku suka banget film ini. mungkin rada subyektif karena dari dulu aku fans berat superman. pas ada di smallville aja malah rada kecewa. begitu ada superman returns lagi, wuahhh, puasss deh. brandon handsome banget, dan aktingnya pas. coba di film ini dimasukkin lagi can you read my mind.

film ini tob markotob deh.
July 2, 2006   01:01 AM PDT
hm...bagus sih cerita,pemainnya tapi tetep deh christopher reeve masih superman banget dan kostum ok tapi kenapa lambang yg s yg di jubahnya di hapus tapi ok lah dan g suka alur cerita nya dan pasti akan ada sequelnya ,teryata superman telat angkat juga huauhuhaua sampe kebobolan punya anak :P
July 1, 2006   04:49 PM PDT
For a first movie, despite it being a sequel of sorts, Luthor was a natural choice to be the villain. Having not actually seen Superman visit the remains of Krypton, I think it's a perfect chance for a sequel to show Braniac, in some form, observing him and following him back to Earth.

Brandon Routh did make a great Superman and a good Clark Kent. He does resemble Christopher Reeve quite a bit. He wasn't as charmingly bumbling as Reeve's Clark Kent, but he did reasonably well.

The special effects were terrific, of course. I thought that everything was done well.

Overall, it's a good movie, and it's grand scale makes it seem like Bryan Singer was slumming it with his two X-Men movies. Superman Returns makes those seem like they're on a much lower level, in terms of quality, reverence for material and overall production.
June 30, 2006   07:22 PM PDT
knaps keciwir, say? hehehe. kurang greget yeah? gue sih seneng2 aja. tapi batman begins emang lbh bagus.
June 30, 2006   07:14 PM PDT
nothin special... mungkin dengan nonton 2-3 kali dengan adik & temen2 gue nanti bisa mengobati sedikit kekecewaan gue...

beli dvd nya buat koleksi memang "harus"

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