Monday, July 03, 2006
A Clockwork Orange

Whoa. I gatta tell you; what a mind blowing film this is! A very thought-provoking essay on human nature and human imperfection. Although some may denounce it as raising violence onto a pedestal, I believe that if you pay careful attention to the movie, the tone is not one of anarchism. Viewer discretion is advised; this movie has its moment of ultra-violence.

Alex DeLarge (Malcolm McDowell) is a sociopath whose main pleasures in life are sex, ultraviolence, classical music, and milk. Every night, he and his 'droog' or gang of Georgie (James Marcus), Dim (Warren Clarke), and Pete (Michael Tarn) doing random act of raping, fighting, robbery, and eventually murder. Alex is thrown into jail, and undergoing a rehabilitation in a form of brain wash to make him a better person. After being released from prison, he's not capable to do simplest pleasure thing like listening to classical music, or defend himself from the cruel society who doesn't want to accept him, nor the people he had hurt in the past. Directed by Stanley Kubrick. Based on a novel by Anthony Burgess.

I have to tell you people, Alex is one of the nastiest characters ever depicted in the movie history. The guy is totally evil, yo' -- but somehow I feel the attractness. Maybe if he was played by uncharismatic or not good looking actor, I might not feel the same way. But his portrayal was so damn good, it was hard not to look away! And maybe somewhere along the way, he was actually wanted to change. But because of the society who hold grudges towards him, he was forced to get back to his old ways. I feel bad to admit this, but I feel symphatetic towards him when people rejects him -- but totally dismiss him when he was violent. This movie is a look at man's place in society and how man functions in society. The question raised is if man cannot freely choose between right or wrong does he cease to be a man? However we have a choice on whether to be good or not, and that's essentially what makes us human. Without the choice, we cease to be human beings, which is one of the many deep themes of the film.

Honestly, this movie is basically astonishingly brutal and yet beautiful at the same time. Not for everyone though, even I sometimes had to looked away from torture and rape scenes. Stanley Kubrick was a crazy director. He didn't shy away with anything! Very controversial back then, and as for me watching it today, still think this is pretty much taboo and controversial. The world is not divide into good and bad anymore; there is no black and white. This movie is showing the extreme moralization in our society. Do you even know which one is evil and which one is good anymore? Unless you're a saint, I doubt people will recognize those. We must preserve our right to free expression and trust in the people to make the appropriate determination as to the legitimacy of the work. As this film shows, the alternative to such freedoms is far more heinous and brutal than anything that one individual could possibly produce. Which one do you choose? It's all about choices, really. No matter whether the choices are right or wrong, we have the ability to choose. And that is priceless.

Ratings: 8/10

Posted at 06:18 pm by hanitje

July 23, 2006   03:12 PM PDT
well, in a way. binatang yg harus di tame. manusia pd dasarnya kan spt binatang, nah dengan dasar cuci otak itu dia bikin si binatang mnjadi mesin. supaya bsa lbh diatur. hence, clockwork orange. inisialnya; mesin binatang... kalo dipikir2 emang gila ya yg bikin ni crita.
July 23, 2006   07:45 AM PDT
no, honey. bukan kayak binatang, tapi kayak mesin. mechanical, robotik gitu deh. clockwork, ingat?
July 22, 2006   05:45 PM PDT
iya, "orange" itu dari "orang". dia ngambil dari kata "orangutan", alias mendeskripsikan bahwa manusia pada dasarnya ga beda sama binatang.
July 22, 2006   02:54 PM PDT
nonton film ini 8 tahun lalu. wkt itu gue bener2 terbengong2 liatnya. damn. trs gw mati2an nyari novelnya. dpt di perpus kampus, pinjem, perpanjang, pinjem, perpanjang, gitu terus... edan, Burgess gila, Kubrick gila! (oya, Burgess si jenius itu kan juga menguasai bahasa indonesia, atau melayu lah setidaknya. kata "orange" di judul kan disinyalir dari kata "orang" alias manusia, dlm bhs melayu. my favorite author, martin amis, pernah wawancara dia soal itu). akhirnya bs beli sendiri novelnya 2 tahun lalu, trus dibaca trs setiap mau tidur. udah kayak kitab aja. sampe bela2in download Nadsat dictionary, biar ngerti kata2 slang-nya yg aneh banget itu. ini film Kubrick favorit gw selain Dr. Strangelove (the later is his best, IMHO).

oya, dan A Clockwork Orange ini bener2 berhasil mendekonstruksi lagu Singin' in the Rain. keparat, di kepala gw, itu lagu jadi gak ada romantis2nya lagi gara2 film ini...

"What's it going to be then, eh?" :)

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