Monday, August 14, 2006
Everything Is Illuminated

I was blown away with this movie. I was thrown into a story so rich, funny and heartbreaking that I will never forget it. I was pleasantly surprised to watched this balance of light and heavy storyline. One minute I was laughing, the next minute I realized how much the world is darker than it looks like.

Jonathan Safran Foer (Elijah Wood) is an American Jewish collector who discovered a medallion belonged to a woman who saved his late grandfather during the Nazi regime. Determine to find this woman, he travels to Ukraine and hires a local tour service. Alex (Eugene Hutz) becomes Jonathan's translator, Alex's grandfather (Boris Leskin) is the cranky driver, and a female dog named Sammy Davis Jr.Jr, comes along on the road which turns into a meaningful journey, and with unexpected series of revelations that will change their lives. Directed by Liev Schrieber. Based on a novel by Jonathan Safran Foer.

I have never read the book, but after watching this movie, I determine to read it. It's a beautiful story, and Ukraine scenery seems beautiful. There is a sense of aloofness and loneliness in this movie. Everything is not what it looks like, and this movie explains how human being lives with mistakes and pain and how we deal with it. I have no idea whether this is a true story or not, but it's a wonderful story. It will make you laugh, and it will make you cry either. The cinematography was absolutely gorgeous - it totally makes me want to visit Ukraine. There was a scene when they found a house in the middle of sunflower field, and it took my breath away. I don't want to sound corny, but I thought it looked like a paradise. The story touches on one of the most awful events in our history, but does so with gentle humor and singular insight. This movie asking us to remember history not as a general event, but as millions of specific small memories. And it made me remember some small stuff that happened in my life.

The acting in this movie are wonderful, especially from Elijah Wood. He is more mature now, and I think he can handle some heavy stuff. I can't take my eyes off from his big blue bugged eyes, it's staggering. This movie also proves Liev Schrieber's great ability for directing a movie. He's proven that not only he's a talented actor, but also a talented director, so kudos for him. I like how they are not shy away with the Ukrainians language, or making it as English speaking movie with Ukraine accent, for example. They keep it real and simple, and yet is speaks so many words. This movie really gain an amount of respect for both the director and the actors from me. The storyline flows like a cool river, and yet it's unpredictable. I was a bit taken back in the end, because I didn't expect something was gonna happen which made me seriously pondered for a while and asked myself, "Why, oh why..." But I guess life is unpredictable, and all the main characters in this fantastic film gain their own illumination.

Ratings: 10/10

Posted at 07:54 am by hanitje

August 23, 2006   01:00 PM PDT
oooh, gitu. hehehe -- padahal si alex kan ngoms bhs inggrisnya patah2. ntar dehh gue coba baca bukunya, tapi skrg uda ga jadi prioritas dehh. kalo smpet aja. thx!
August 23, 2006   01:13 AM PDT
nah lho, bingung dahh... someone said it's a good book, but you said it's a bad book... hmm... should i read it or not? i dont want to waste my time and money for this book, if it's not good... any review for this book? people? lemme knaaawww...
August 18, 2006   10:27 AM PDT
cukup lucu kok filmnya. dan sedihnya juga ga terlalu sedih. gue rekomendasi ni film bgt deh.
August 18, 2006   12:03 AM PDT
gambarnya juga keren gituh. pengen nonton, tapi spertinya sedih ya.
August 17, 2006   02:59 AM PDT
kadang2 ada film Eropa, tapi dari DVD kbanyakan. ini film juga nontonnya di DVD, coba beli atau rent.
August 15, 2006   07:52 PM PDT
try to watch this movie, btw. it's very good. i'll read the book too.
August 15, 2006   02:22 PM PDT
10/10! wow. Foer's newest novel, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, layak dicoba.

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