Wednesday, May 09, 2007
Spider-Man 3

Sometimes we want to make something even better from the previous work we've done. I think it's in our nature to keep up the good work and try our best. But being an overachiever is not something I had in mind. Same thing I felt about this last installment (or maybe not) of this movie; we forgot that sometimes the best work is the simple work.

Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire) is basking the Spider-Man's fame and glory, and intended to propose to Mary-Jane (Kirsten Dunst), who is fired as a Broadway actress. Feeling depressed and jealous with his fame, MJ turns to Harry Osborn (James Franco), who is still holding grudges to Peter/Spidey and blame him for his father death, and he becomes the New Goblin. Meanwhile, Flint Marko (Thomas Haden Church) accidently becomes a Sandman and turns out he was the one who killed Peter's uncle. In rage, Peter is consume with an alien symbiotic and becomes aggresive. Trying to break away, the alien accidently consumes Eddie Brock (Topher Grace), Peter's rival photographer in Daily Bugle. Eddie becomes Venom. Directed by Sam Raimi.

I'm not saying that the movie was bad, but it lacked the essence of the previous sequel. Personally I think Spider-Man 2 is much better. I found that the movie was tad too long, and it didn't have much of introduction, middle section, and a clear ending -- which for this genre, I think we need to have those. The romance and soapie storyline seems underlined the whole movie, and not enough action, which was weird because as a viewer, I was expected to see those things. Venom, who is clearly one of my favorite villains in Spider-Man, seemed just became another typical villain. Venom should have more depth and more character development. In the movie, the origin of the alien symbiotic wasn't explained at all. I was kinda dissapointed with the pacing and the slapstick humor. The action wasn't good enough either; it feels slow and has too many CGI. I feel that the filmmaker was cramming everything in the third installment; the villains, the storylines, the characters -- everything.

The good thing was that the film-maker dared to tackled the forbidden zone of soap and put it into the comic book movies. Most movies such as Batman Begins and Constantine dwells with angst and darkness within, whilst Spider-Man 3 had its own dark moment, the movie dwells enough with the subject of love and friendship amongst other people. I think this has the same level as Superman Returns. The acting is nice, especially coming from the great James Franco who attacks the feelings and the betrayal of his character into three dimensional. But I feel the storyline could be better and can be done differently. Too bad. I hope, if they are making the next sequel, hopefuly they will keep it simple and yet powerful, just like the previous ones. Not many people will agree with me, which is okay. I found many people loved it, and it's okay too. I do recommend this for everyone, so they would see it and judge it by themselves.

Ratings: 5.5/10

ETA: I watched it again on DVD, and I just discovered how BAD this movie is. I thought I would find something good after all this time. 2 years after I first laid my eyes on this movie, I remember the 'struggle' waiting in line for this movie, and the result is not what I hoped for. I am just surprised that after seeing it again, it doesn't change my mind at all about the quality of this movie.

Rating: 4/10

Posted at 02:41 am by hanitje

May 14, 2007   03:00 AM PDT
Mmm.. mo bilang jelek kaga tega, soalnya ini termasuk film yg gua nanti2kan, huehehe.. :P Tapii yaahh.. mengingat 'perjuangan' ngantri untuk mendapatkan tiketnya, rasanya kurang sebanding ajee..

Kesimpulan akhirnya adl nih film lumayan, tapii ngga githu berkesaann, huehehe.. :D
May 13, 2007   11:29 AM PDT
gimans suruh bikin, nonton aja uda klamaan. wakakaka...
May 13, 2007   03:57 AM PDT
film yang okelah.. bgt.. coba aja bikin sendiri kalo bisa.. hahaha..
May 11, 2007   11:17 PM PDT
kalo gue bilang film ini kurang aja dari segi cerita bener kata lo han yg paling keren di spidey 2 itu cerita bagus dan efek bagus banget kalo gue bilang mustinya di sequel 3 ini venom yg lebih di tonjolin ya..dan ceritanya jgn terlalu drama gue sih yakin mending nonton pirate of caribean 3 itu atau harry potter lebih menjanjikan walaupun si spidey udah first weekend gross nya 150 juta dollar aja cek cek......
andy wirawan
May 10, 2007   08:03 PM PDT
ya gimana ya 2 super villain dijadiin satu film... tapi menurut gue ya lumayanlah... seharusnya sih satu penjahat aja venom doang.. kayaknya gabakalan ada yang ke 4 nihhh.. si lizardman kemungkinannya tipis...

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