Monday, February 27, 2006
Layer Cake

Welcome to yet another British fascination with the gangster, drugs yawn formula. Do people do anything else in Britain? I sat through the clichéd characters, wooden acting, dire dialogue, desperate direction, tiresome plotting and laughable attempts at any kind of believability or realism. Life is just a bit to short to spend even a nanosecond watching such pisspoor film-making. The title refers to the human-crime-drama, especially in the British crime underworld, as well as the numerous plot layers in the film.

An unnamed successfull cocaine dealer (Daniel Craig) -- only credited as "xxxx" -- is secretly planning to retire from the business. He is a respected cocaine dealer with well connections to the underworld. His boss, Jimmy Price (Kenneth Cranham), gives him a tough assignment. "xxxx" is delegated with the task of tracking down the daughter of Jimmy's old friend Edward (Sir Michael Gambon), who has disappeared. There are multiple complications, however, including three million Pounds worth of Ecstasy stolen from a bloodthirsty militant Serbian gang, by some 'less sophisticated' British gangsters as well as numerous double-crossings. "xxxx" has to use all of his considerable talent to secure his own escape, without being drawn back into the 'layer cake mix' of crime.

Various telegraphed and poorly justified plot twists occur. Some people kill some other people. Sienna Miller turns up, apparently just to get changed into some underwear, then we don't see her again, not until the end. What the hell? I've seen all the characters before, done far better in other movies. The supposedly cool lines are always very self-conscious and fall well short of the level required for the cool lines genre. The direction tries really hard to be creative and original, but is simply woefully amateurish. The acting is strictly cardboard cut-out level. I could excuse the actors due to the poor material and director they had to work with but these are generally very good actors, each magically turning in their worst work to date. Hell, even Guy Ritchie's movies are much better than this! I mean, there aren't any story that actually grip my attention -- no action, no drama, not even a goddamn sex! And I thought I'm the sophisticated one.

Some scenes are so ridiculously caricatured, they are laughable. If only it was funny. Sadly, the director (Matthew Vaughn) decided to ditch the humor early on in development in an effort to create a serious gangster flick. But it's not really serious. It's just pretend serious. There's no magic. No chemistry. Don't make me start with Daniel Craig...I know he's James Bond, but after seeing this movie. Yes, I think he's tough and nitty gritty. He looks good with his Brit metrosexual charm thing, but it's not enough. This movie fails to give me something...anything! It's a shame cause there's a good cast, interesting locations, and even the cinematography's not half bad. It's just missing a director's vision. My advice to Matthew Vaughn is to stick to what he does best; producing and find great directors to produce.

Ratings: 4/10

Posted at 08:58 pm by hanitje

March 5, 2006   05:50 AM PST
Endingnya itu tuh, ngga tahan banget...klise sekali
February 28, 2006   03:05 AM PST
haha... sounds like you were tortured while watching it :p i still don't think he would make a proper Bond, but we'll see, perhaps he does have the X factor somewhere.

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